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Dj Kara is an up and coming DJ/MC based in Los Angeles, specializing in private events, weddings, lounges, and club.  She has experience playing various genre’s including house, old school hiphop & rnb, top 40, and trap.  With 3 years of experience under her belt, she is continueing to grow her business and fan base, while enjoying every second!


Wedding in Sayulita Mexico!

Early March I had the amazing opportunity to DJ a wedding in the stunning city of Sayulita Mexico.  Keith and Akilah came across a few mixes/playlists I had posted over a year ago. They contacted me, met me and attended to a gig of mine at the Phoenix in LA, then they hired be to DJ  their special day, a destination wedding and freaking Mexico!  Ofcourse, I was ecstatic, excited, humbled, and nervous at the same as this was my first destination wedding, and first time out of the country! 

Here, I wanted to share a bit on absolutely beautiful and wedding, and my trip over all! 

First check out this sunset! πŸŒ… 😍

Destination Wedding DJ



I told the wedding coordinator I didn't think I had ever seen any sunset like THAT! And Ive DJed over 300 weddings! He was actually shocked! πŸ˜‚ I guess sunsets that THAT were something he is very used to coordinating in Sayulita.  

One of the reason why Keith and Akilah hired me, was our shared taste in music.  As you probably know I absolutely love cool, stylish and melodic house music.  Keith wanted me to create a cool deep house tropical sounding but funky playlist for the end of cocktail hour and through dinner! And, I HAD A BLAST making this!! Check out the playlist below :) 

This dinner playlist ended up being one of my favorites Ive made and it actually kinda became the playlist of the trip! I listened to on the plane there, while I would get ready in the bungulow (yes I stayed in a bungalow 😳), it would play in the background as me and my buddy would chat and have a drink late before we would call it night! 

BTW this is my friend that came with me, he made it a lil mini vacation! 

Destination Wedding DJ

Anyway this playlist I was so much fun to make, and really ended up being a playlist I go back to when I wanna vibe out! 

The wedding was visually absolutely incredible! The venue was called Villa Del Oso, which was an estate about half a mile outside the downtown area of Sayulita.  The estate was like legit beautiful, it kinda sat right by cliff over looking a clean and almost private beach & ocean! 

Below I have a pic and video of really how beautiful this was! 

Destination Wedding DJ

Yes! Stunning Right! 

I know, I am going on and on about how beautiful this place was because well, it WAS! But,  haven't talked too much about the actual reception and dance party! So Keith and Akilah hired me to DJ to 1 am, which ended being about a 3 hour dance set! And.... I mean it went off! 

The newlyweds had about 60 - 70 of their friends and family at the wedding, so it was on the smaller side when it comes to wedding receptions, but this group wanted to party! And the peeps that wanted to party & dance the most, were Keith and Akilah! Which for a Wedding DJ is always the best! 

I didn't get much content during the dancing because I was DJing, so it was hard to take the time to get pics. BUT, I get this pic of the groom gettin down in the middle of dance circle! 

Destination Wedding Dj

Another reason why this couple hired me was because they loved that I enjoyed playing old school (late 90s early 00s) rnb and hiphop! If you know me as DJ you would know that it my absolute favorite to play at bars and clubs.  I LOVE nostalgia, and Keith and Akilah wanted me to really go IN!!! 

I played ALL of the jams!

The nighted ended with the guests screaming along to "Party In the USA" by Miley Cyrus! Which is one of the best wedding last songs BTW! 

This wedding was simply one of my favorites and I am so thankful to have gotten to experience it.  

Here's a pic of me and the couple! 

Destination Wedding DJ

And here's just a pic of me! 😌

Destination Wedding DJ

So there it is!! This pretty much sums up the wedding I Died in Sayulita Mexico! It definitely the best work/trip I have ever taken! And really over the best TRIP I have ever taken! Now, Ive officially caught the travel bug and am ready DJ more destination weddings! 

A few more pics from the trip below.