Los Angeles Based Female Dj | Event DJ - DJ Kara

Specializing in Private Events, Weddings, Lounges, Bars and Clubs

Dj Kara is an up and coming DJ/MC based in Los Angeles, specializing in private events, weddings, lounges, and club.  She has experience playing various genre’s including house, old school hiphop & rnb, top 40, and trap.  With 3 years of experience under her belt, she is continueing to grow her business and fan base, while enjoying every second!



Born and raised in Indianapolis Indiana, Dj.Kara is a talented up and coming female dj based in LA.  Kara fell in love with music at an extremely early age. At age 5 she would spend time with her dad listening and obsessing over albums from RnB acts like Lauryn Hill,  Mariah Carey, Janet Jackson, Mary J Blige, En Vougue, and Destiny’s Child. This was the beginning, where it settled in Kara’s mind that music was her “thing”.

 Kara started her music production career 6 years ago learning the ins and outs of programs such as logic and fl studio. This was the time when she was a college student at Purdue University Studying Business Management.  She had a bit more free time and discipline to learn the basics on creating music.  She spent hours teaching herself how to play guitar and piano. She also took courses in music theory. 

 It took a lot of work, time, and courage, but once she began to share her music, she was approached by many college friends to help produce and finish their mixtapes.  During this time Kara developed her style and a creative backbone, and decided that she could possibly be working on the more creative side in the music biz.

While she was trying to grow as a producer, and graduating from Purdue University,  many of her close friends and family were directing her to become a DJ.  They were always very impressed with her ambition, and “do what it takes” mentality.  They felt with that, and music knowledge, she would have an ability to stand out.  

After graduating college she relocated to LA,  to pursue her career in music business.  Kara was excited to tackle everything head on! And while she did make strides on her goal, a year later she hadn’t made as much progress as she thought she would.  And decided to go ahead and give DJing a shot!  She started training with VOXDJs, a Dj management company out of Manhattan Beach CA.  

Funny,  because she fell in love with all aspects of DJing, and hasn’t looked back since.

Kara has now been DJing for almost 3 years and it is clear that she has plans to take it to the next level! Because she has been working with VOXDJs, she has been able to gain significant experience Djing clubs, lounges, corporate events, private events, premiers, and weddings . She has worked with numerous high profile venues, event coordinators, and companies such as Tesla, Urban Outfitters, The W Hotel,   and Wilmer Valderrama Enterprise.  

Kara understands music, and she never fails to keep the party going. And she does all of this while maintaining professional and approachable energy :) 

List Of Past Clients:  Tesla ,Wilmer Valderama Enterprise,Buffalo Club ,W hotel, London Hotel, Le Jardin Hollywood, Writers Guild of America, Tricon Films, Altria, Red 8, P&G, Urban Outfitters, LinkedIN, Orange Theory Fitness, IloveKickboxing,  Marriott Hotel (Marina Del Rey), Crunch Fitness, SkyLoft (Laguna Beach), Heat Night Club



email: djkarala@gmail.com

phone: 3174605239